About Me

When my 27-year marriage ended in 2017, I was compelled to look inside to figure out what happened. Where did I go? What I found was disconnection from myself, denial, confusion, pain, and grief.  I am a year in on intensive self-work and am just starting to feel that things are changing, and I am healing.  In picking up the pieces, the biggest challenge I found is where to begin? I think this is most people’s problem.

This blog is my story of my waking up and changing my life for the better. You may be in the process of your own awakening.  I am by no means finished or “healed” but felt it important to share my experiences.  I hope that it will help you to find your way and get you back on track.

By sharing my journey, I wish to share the steps I took and point you toward what I found most useful in finding a new way forward.   There are no shortcuts in getting through this.   The way forward is always through. In the last 18 months, I have come across so many inspiring people and great information, (and some not so great), that I wanted to share the books, videos and people who spoke to me and helped me to the next step. By sharing these resources with you, I hope you will jump start your journey and maybe save you some time.  See this event as an invitation extended by the Universe for you to find your way back to your authentic self and your true path.  I hope you will join me.