This blog is designed as a roadmap that you can follow when engaged in introspection and self-examination. In order to improve your life, you must slow down, look in side and see what is there. This can prove more difficult than you expect. You will come up against issues you have ignored or have been hiding from most of your life. Or you will find you have been running your life based on beliefs/behaviors that you adopted in childhood in order to get your needs met that you can meet yourself as adult.

Each post is designed to look at different areas that are worth exploring. I have provided links to resources that were helpful to me. This is by no means a comprehensive list but a journey that gives you jumping off points to explore those areas that resonate with you and your live experiences. I am not a psychologist, just someone who found this journey very fascinating and wanted to share it with others. I hope that you will also share your insights and valued resources in the comments.

Topics we will explore in this blog include:

  • Meditation/Mindfulness
  • Therapy/Coaching
  • Attachment Trauma/Attachment Styles
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Co-Dependency
  • Assertiveness/Boundaries
  • Intuition/Spirituality
  • Self-Care/Self-Love/Self-Esteem
  • Finding your Path
  • Narcissism/Psychopathy/Abuse
  • Relationships/Life Decisions
  • CPTSD/PTSD – Trauma