Your Intuition and Trusting Yourself

One on of the biggest hurdles I had to face was to get in touch again with my intuition.  It was always there, but I had dimmed it down to a whisper, so it was easier to ignore.   As part of my journey I looked for ways to wake this part of my soul back up.  This is what led me down the path to exploring spirituality from a different perspective including; Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, dream journaling, automatic writing, tracking synchronicities, and looking for evidence of your spirit guides in nature. Much of this work involves getting in touch with your inner knowing using the body’s energy field.  There are many ways to approach this.

In the literature I was reading it states that your intuition is the instance of your brain recognizing patterns that you have experienced before, but your brain does it much faster that you can cognitively.  This intuition includes your entire life’s conscious and unconscious experiences.  It gives you that gut response that you may be in danger or that the experience you are having is likely to be a pleasurable one.  Using your intuition is being in touch with feelings in your body.

For this undertaking I did a many new things that expanded my world.  They included the following:

  1. Took an online course from Psychic Medium John Edwards called Evolve.  – This was all about developing your psychic abilities, which everyone has to some degree.
  2. Learned to read the Tarot and went to a Tarot reader to have a personal reading.  Also read Tarot for friends.
  3. Learned to interpret Oracle cards by enrolling in Colette Baron Reid’s Oracle School.  Great experience that introduced me to a lot of great people and an understanding of the universal laws such as the laws of Attraction, Forgiveness, Thought, Frequency and Magnetism and Unlimited Potential.  I still read my oracle cards daily as it is a kind of meditation.
  4. Attended a Shamanic Healing for a full moon that included a guided vision quest and a discussion group after the event concluded.
  5. Became a Level II Reiki healer – I did this to understand how to open/balance my chakras and unblock energies.
  6. Massage therapy
  7. Acupuncture

All these avenues opened me up to new areas of thought and focused on different ways to solve problems, stay healthy and to get in touch with a higher power, the divine, source, or whatever you would like to call it.  All of this teaches you that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  That you are not alone and you are one with humanity and the universe.  Resources I read to get me onto this path included:


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